I am truly passionate about empowering women to feel more in control of their health, well-being, fertility and life. I don't believe any of the 'noise' about fertility declining with age and started my own family at age 40. I'm often described as a trailblazer who inspires others to tread new paths. I do what I love to awaken others to their intuition and strength.

I host the popular HolyMama yoga retreats for mums and their children. I also write articles and books, including Right Time Baby - The Complete Guide to Later Motherhood (Hay House UK). You can also find me here.

I left behind a dazzling career in journalism to find my truth, write a novel and travel to the places that called me. I went to India with a ten week old baby heeding the call to create a beach yoga resort in Goa with my husband (whom I met in my late thirties). I believe that all women are fertile, creative vessels for birthing babies and new consciousness.